General Gynaecological

  • Hysterectomy or removal of the uterus – open method or laparoscopic (key-hole method)
  • Ovarian cyst removal – laparoscopic (key-hole method)
  • Laser cone biopsy / loop excision / laser treatment of the cervix for pre-invasive changes in the cervix
  • Laparoscopy or minimally invasive surgery to visualise the inner abdominal organs of the female reproductive system and diagnosis and removal of cysts and / or endometriosis from the ovaries and fallopian tubes for treatment of sub-fertility or pelvic pain
  • Removal of uterus fibroids – open method or laparoscopic (key-hole method)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of cancers of cervix, vagina, vulva, uterus together with a gynae oncologist or cancer specialist.
  • Hysteroscopy (where the insides of the uterus are viewed using endoscope), dilatation and curettage (D&C), myomectomy / polypectomy for the treatment of painful periods, heavy periods or irregular bleeding
uterus fibroid & ovarian cyst removal singapore - Dr Chang

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