Delivery of Babies

Dr T.C. Chang provides obstetric care during labour at Thomson Medical Centre and Mt Elizabeth Novena Hospital. About 50% of his patient base are expatriate couples from the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Each pregnancy is unique and all the choices are individualized to each couple.

We aim for natural childbirth including the use of hypno-birthing in most cases, as long as your pregnancy is low risk and we have discussed such issues well ahead of time. Birth plans are strongly encouraged. We offer a full range of pain relief and assistance as and when requested.

Dr Chang and his team focus on what is important to you. We concentrate on the things we can do for you during pregnancy, labour, birth and the post-natal period. Individual care is given using a holistic combination of medical, psychological and emotional support. We also liaise with paediatricians, neonatologists, family physicians and physiotherapists to ensure that any problems that occur before or after delivery are sorted out expeditiously.

Dr Chang also looks after pregnant women who have high risk pregnancies or who have had surgical complications during previous deliveries. Patients with a high-risk pregnancies (twins / triplets, pre-eclampsia, fetal growth restriction, diabetic pregnancies, auto-immune disorders, protein-S deficiency, previous still-birth) or complicated births (obstructed labours, shoulder dystocia, perineal damage, previous Caesarean) require a carefully planned management to optimise the outcome to both mother and baby. Caesarean sections are performed by Dr Chang when indicated to optimise the surgical outcome. These crucial steps in linking medical and para-medical care help make what is a major event a fulfilling and memorable one.

Becoming a mother is one of the most wonderful experiences life has to offer. At the same time it can be an un-nerving experience, especially away from your home country and support network of family and friends. My role is to equip the Mother-to-be with the necessary knowledge and confidence to cope with her new role and enjoy it. Part of my role is to monitor the risks associated with any particular pregnancy. By understanding the background and concerns the couple may have, sensible advice and useful clinical information provided can help them to make informed decisions, be it in confronting genetic/ prenatal diagnostic problems or preparing for labour and birth.

Teresa Cordeiro

Maternity and Childbirth Educator

To provide extra support for his patients at Thomson Medical Centre, Dr Chang works alongside Teresa Cordeiro. Teresa was previously a Nursing Officer in charge of the Labour Ward at Thomson Medical Centre and Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore. Teresa has a wealth of experience in helping patients plan for their pregnancy and child-birth. You may wish to contact Teresa before your first appointment or during your pregnancy to prepare your birth.

Your Birth Plan

Some pointers on what to consider before your delivery
and during labour

Before your delivery…

  • Keep the language straight-forward and positive. The Obstetric staff want to help you to do the things 'you do want' and not the things you don't want.
  • If you are using Hypno-Birthing, then put it big and bold so it stands out.
  • Which delivery suite do you want to have your baby in? Rooms 6 &15 have a bath-tub as well as a shower and toilet, 7-12 have just a shower and toilet.

During labour…

  • Would you like to have an Enema on arrival? It is not routine so ask for one if you feel constipated.
  • Would you like to be free to move around during my contractions? (Use the ball, mat, chair, tub, shower etc.)
  • Do you wish to set the atmosphere of my room using music, dim lighting? (Bring your own external speakers with you)
  • Do you wish to ask for pain relief if you need it? Comment on the use of deep relaxation, Hypno-Birthing, TENS machine, Entonox (Gas and Air) or Epidural. (You can have pain relief whenever you need it)
  • Do you wish to ask for pain relief if you need it? Comment on the use of deep relaxation, Hypno-Birthing, TENS machine, Entonox (Gas and Air) or Epidural. (You can have pain relief whenever you need it)
  • Most prefer prefer intermittent fetal monitoring and vaginal examinations only when indicated
  • Flexibility to be able to drink and nibble food to keep energy levels up in early labour.
  • Rather than have a serious tear which may not heal well, most patients will let Dr. Chang decide if an Episiotomy is needed or not - in practice, low chance of an episiotomy needed in a normal birth, higher chance in an assisted birth (eg. with vacuum or forceps)
  • Most would like to give birth in a position of their choosing if all is as planned. These include lying on the left side, kneeling on the bed, sitting on the birthing stool or standing.
  • Preference for immediate skin to skin contact with baby and to breastfeed before weighing etc.
  • Dad will/will not cut the cord once it has slowed/stopped pulsating.
  • Am/am not doing cord blood collection.
  • Permission for the injection to contract the uterus after birth and prevent haemorrhage
  • Permission for baby to have the necessary vitamin K injection.
  • Baby will be rooming I with us. One parent will always be with baby for procedures such as hearing test and at ALL times.
  • Baby will be totally breast-fed.
  • If the labour doesn't progress well, Dr. Chang may need to proceed to assist in the delivery. You understand that this could also mean an urgent instrumental delivery using vacuum / forceps or an emergency Caesarean section.

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